Pro Putt 360

MORE than a BALL LINER!Our Precision Targeting and Alignment System has helped players of all levels reduce their scores by increasing their short game precision. See how by Clicking Here!

Putting Aid:

TargetImprove your putt reading skills. Use the Pro Putt 360 as a target. Its smaller size narrows your focus and increases your precision. 

Other Uses:

Dry GripsAdd an alignment line to the ball.  Use the line to help with tee shot alignment. It can be a club jack to keep your grips dry.

Chipping Target:

Ball in the holeThe Pro Putt 360 works well as a chipping target.  Get the most out of your practice time use the PP360's and start holing  more chips. 


What's New:

Pro Putt 360 in Stores and Online

PP360The Pro Putt 360 is now in stores and online at and other locations.  Simply search for Pro Putt 360 on the web to locate an outlet of your choice.     

Updated: June 1,  2013


New Look for PP360

Orange PkgThe Pro Putt 360 will be on store shelves soon in its distinctive new packaging.  Look for the bright orange and green packaging and of course the packaging still has the ball in the hole look.  

Updated: June 1, 2013

Recent Events:

More Tour Players Using the PP360

We now have over 150 LPGA and PGA Tour players using the PP360 for practice and during practice rounds.

Updated: June 1, 2013

We've added content to our Gallery!

Take a look at our Gallery we've added Photo Albums and Videos. Just click on the Picture to the left to see our latest video or click on the Gallery tab on the menu above.  Come back often as we will be adding more content.


Several College Golf Teams now use the Pro Putt 360

The Pro Putt 360 is in use by several College Golf teams. The California Golden Bears, The Stanford Cardinal, and The Texas Longhorns are among the teams using the Pro Putt 360. All of the teams believe the Pro Putt 360 will be a great Practice and Play aid for their players. Like the tour players that use the Pro Putt 360 the College players will be using them as short game targets as well as a guide for drawing a line on the ball.

“I like a simple concept that works and benefits the user.” – John T. Fields, Golf Coach University of Texas, Austin 

"Just a quick note to say how popular those Stanford Golf Pro Putt 360's have been..." - Philip Rowe, Assistant Golf Coach Stanford University

Pro Putt 360 becoming a favored Ball Liner and Target 

The Pro Putt 360 has been inside the ropes at the practice green during the practice rounds to give the players better access to them. More and more LPGA and PGA Players have now picked up the Pro Putt 360 and use them as a practice target and/or as a guide to draw a line on the ball.   See pictures of the Pro Putt 360 at the tournament by clicking here.

Golf's BEST Improvement Tool

Welcome to AdvantEDGE Golf home of the Pro Putt 360.  Please feel free to look though our website to learn how the Pro Putt 360 can improve your game.  The Pro Putt 360 can be of assistance from tee to green.  Whether you use a line on your ball or not, using the Pro Putt 360 will help your game.  The dual use of the Targeting and Alignment capability for putting, chipping and even driving the ball will improve your scores. Soon we will have created several videos to show you how our Precision Targeting and Alignment System will help you.  

Improve Your Short Game

What's that old saying? "Drive for Show and Putt for Dough" Well there is a lot of truth in that statement Everybody knows that if you want to lower your scores you need to work on your short game.  That's not to say that the Pro Putt 360 won't help with your tee shots - it can.  But when it comes to the short game the PP360 excels at the benefits it can bring to your game.  IT WILL HELP LOWER YOUR SCORES!

Used by Tour Players and Caddies!

The Pro Putt 360 is used by tour players and caddies as a practice putting and chipping aid.   In putting practice its smaller size helps them to focus better on putting to the center of the hole. While its portability allows them to putt to more targets.  When the practice green is crowded the PP360's really comes in handy.  For the players and caddies that put a line on the ball they can use the PP360 to easily draw the line on the ball.  

Players also use the Pro Putt 360 as chipping targets.  The portable nature of the PP360 and being able to place the targets where you want them makes for a better practice routine.   They set them to known distances to practice chipping and gauging speeds.  

Used by Top Amateur Players 

Top Amateur players have been using the Pro Putt 360 throughout our development stages and have proven to be helpful in the real life product testing of the product.  Many of our early users (players)compete in State, Local, and National Amateur events and have won at all levels.  The same goes for the many College and High School age players that compete at all levels.


Used by Players of all Levels 

Players of all handicap levels use the Pro Putt 360 to improve their game. Men, women, young, or old, whether they use a line on the ball or not are using PP360's to help lower their scores.  


Video Tutorials

We will be adding video instruction with Instructors leading video tutorials .. learn the best ways to use the Pro Putt 360.  Take a look at the videos to see the many uses of the PP360 and how to make it work for you.  We even have video references from many of our users stating how the PP360 has helped their game.

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